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There are 7 steps that need to be followed to get a web site up on the www.

What's involved in getting a web site up on the www?

STEP 1. Determine a domain name

Find a domain name that is not yet taken. The easiest way to do this is to go to: (formerly enter your choices in the " SEARCH DOMAIN NAME AVAILABILITY panel on the front page.  The resulting search will let you know if the name is available and if so, what extensions (.com, .ca, .net etc.) are available to register.


STEP 2. Register the domain name.
           Your Hosting Service Provider or your Designer
           may also do this for you if required.

Once you have found an appropriate domain name, you will have to register it with a Domain Name Registrar. We highly suggest (formerly They are reasonably priced and have a long standing record of good service with us. Be sure to register it in your own name or in the name of the company that will actually own the name.

You will have to set up a "master account" with the domain name registrar that will contain your contact information. This master account can contain as many domain names as you wish. You will choose a login or username and a password for this master account. It is important that you record this information in a safe place for future reference.

The domain name registration will live in this account and will contain information important to the continued use of your website:
  - Administrative Contact
    (can be a person other than the owner)
  - Technical Contact
    (can be a person other than the owner and is usually a person
    at your web hosting service)
A domain name is registered for a 1 year period to begin with and must be renewed after that. If the name is allowed to expire, your web site will no longer be accessible on the www. With some domain name extent ions (.com, .net etc.) you can renew the domain name for multiple years.
This is the internet address of the www server where your site will be hosted. When your domain name is entered into a Browser's address bar, your domain name registration is queried to get this address and the request is forwarded to your Hosting provider's computer, where your web site files will be found. Your Hosting provider will supply you with the DNS information or may offer to enter the information for you.


STEP 3. Determine your Hosting requirements
               and select a hosting service

Talk to a representative at your hosting company or your web designer to help you determine your requirements.

How much bandwidth will you need?
How much traffic do you expect will come to your site? How large will your site files be? Consider that some Video files and some specialty scripting can be very large and may take a lot of bandwidth to deliver to your viewer.
Will you be using special features? If you will be using specialty features that require custom scripting (.php, .asp), will the hosting server be able to support it?

How many email boxes will you require

We highly suggest the people at for your hosting needs.  Their prices are reasonable and they have a long standing reputation for quality service.


STEP 4. Select a web designer
Your Web Designer will work with you to decide how the website should look, how people will navigate through the site, and what special features you may require. Once this is agreed on, the Designer will develop all the files necessary to create the website and will post the files to the hosting services computer.


STEP 5. Test the site 
Test the new web site to make sure is functioning properly and it shows as it should. (Don't forget to check the spelling.)


STEP 7. Go Live!
Once the site is tested and approved, your web designer will release the site to the live worldwide web.

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